„Sophia the Robot“ to auction off own NFT series

„Sophia the Robot“ to auction off own NFT series

The NFT space is booming. Until now, however, the works have mostly been designed by humans. The humanoid robot „Sophia“ now proves the opposite.

The non-fungible token (NFT) boom continues and now also enjoys prominent support from the world of artificial intelligences. As US media report, the humanoid robot „Sophia“ is now also entering the NFT business. Sophia the Robot“ is probably the best-known AI project of the Hong Kong robotics company Hanson Robotics. According to the manufacturers, the robot is capable of reacting to the environment through facial Crypto Trader recognition software and visual data processing. The US company iv Gallery is now taking advantage of this feature. In cooperation with Hanson Robotics, the art gallery will auction off several NFTs designed by Sophia on 23 March. NFT Gateway will be chosen as the platform.

The artworks were created when Sophia was inspired by the works of the artist Andrea Bonaceto and then created her own works. Sophia’s creator, David Hanson, was delighted with the quality of the work:

Sophia created the art entirely using neural networks and symbolic AI. She responded to her perception of Andrea Bonaceto’s works, as well as data from her „life“ experiences, with guidance from the Sophia team’s designers and programmers. The way she responded to Andrea’s art just inspires me. I am a proud father.
David Hanson, Hanson Robotics

Bonaceto was also fascinated by Sophia’s artistic NFT talent. In a statement to Decrypt, he said:

This experience has been wonderful. […] It is incredible to see how Sophia has responded to my artwork. Together with David and Sophia, we are moving towards the new paradigm where robots and humans participate together in the creative process.
Andrea Bonaceto to Decrypt

NFT boom reaches new heights

Meanwhile, the NFT space is reaching new dimensions. Only last week, the sector broke through the total turnover mark of 600 million US dollars, setting an all-time record. Meanwhile, more and more players are jumping on the bandwagon. For example, the rock band „Kings of Leon“ is releasing their upcoming album When You See Yourself also as an NFT version. In addition, DC Comics, a subsidiary of the entertainment giant Warner, is currently investigating whether licensing rights have been violated. The background is that many NFT artists portray famous comic characters and pocket the profits. There are too many cases in which NFT are based on comic characters licensed by Warner without official consent from Warner.